The Organization is working for the development of the Craft Persons and weaker section in its own jurisdiction. The Organization has performed various Programmes related to the development of Handicrafts with its own sources. The CREATIVE organized Exhibition on Social & Production activities, 2009, where 27 nos. of SHGs from north east had participated.

The organization is fully engaged in organizing various programmes

  • To develop a range of sustainable market for handicraft products based on buyer’s requirement.
  • To explore value added new materials and its product diversification.
  • To train handicraft artisans and designers such as to compete with domestic and international market demands.
  • To develop an understanding and interpretation as a tool for products design and development with a view to encourage and enhance the skill of Artisans of NE Region.
  • To promote economic activities the organization is forming Self Help Groups among the artisans and rural peoples
  • To receive higher training in their respective crafts at Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Agartola etc
  • To assist craft persons in participating various exhibitions and Trade Fairs organized by other agencies for their product promotion
  • To act as co-0rdianting agency among the promising entrepreneurs for innovative craft product in quality and quantity